About Barcodes Nigeria

Barcodes Nigeria was established in 2016, and is run by Diverge Barcodes Nigeria Ltd (RC 1358360). Our team can provide barcode information and sell barcodes to customers in Nigeria. If you want to order barcodes from us you can either pay in Nigeria Naira on this website (by Credit Card /Debit Cardl), or pay in Nigerian Naira (NGN) by cash or bank deposit to our bank account.

Barcodes Nigeria is an authorised member of the “International Barcodes Network” (http://internationalbarcodes.net/). The International Barcodes Network was founded in 2013 by the International Barcodes Limited company which is based in New Zealand. Members of the International Barcodes Network are based all over the world, and sell barcodes directly in more than 60 different countries worldwide.

You may contact us if you need any advice about barcodes, or want to purchase barcodes from us.

Best wishes
The Barcodes Nigeria Team